Corporate Setting

There is a new focus on employee wellness. Both large and small employers are offering health and wellness programs with the hope of increasing productivity, offering safer workplaces and encouraging employees to take control of their own wellness.

We work with Human Resource departments in structuring programs in mindfulness, wellness and stress management.  The unique feature of our programs is the incorporation of motivation and creativity skills executed through the strategies of gamification.
Because or our experiences in the technology and health industries, we know how to adapt our processes to fit into real world applications.

Individual Coaching

Anne-Marie Huurre is a caregiver, Wellness, EFT (tapping) and Certified Stress Management and Mindfulness professional.
She works with individuals and small groups in-person and via the Internet.  Although the focus is on caregivers, anyone can request coaching.
After an initial intake form is complete, a customized program is developed to best address a person’s goals.  Sessions usually start as a one-hour, once a week program. Individuals often continue weekly sessions until they feel confident to complete monthly “check-ins,” while others continue on a long-term schedule.

Please contact us for more information.  Thank you.